Free Allison Izu styling seminars help you find the perfect outfits for your body type

Sponsored by Allison Izu

Summer is right around the corner and HI Now host Jobeth Devera is back at fashion designer Allison Izu’s Ala Moana boutique to talk about the looks that best fit the “LL,” “I,” and “S” body type. To design for all women, Izu used the letters of her name – A L L I S O N – to create a universal system for body typing based on common body shapes.

As a way to put a positive spin on all body types, Izu encourages women to #LiveYourLetter as a convenient way to shop her line and to find the perfect fit while feeling empowered to be their most authentic selves.

The “LL” body type has broad shoulders and a straight figure. For this body type, Izu suggests a v-neck and wrap tops to add shape or wearing loose-fitting tops with a straight pant. Try out her “Romy Romper” or “Natasha Dress” for looks perfect for Summer!

A woman with an “I” body type has an elongated, slim figure with long limbs. Wearing a top with detail to add interest or wearing two colors to define the waistline will help bring out this specific figure. Izu recommends wearing her “Becca V Neck” with the “Sunrise Pant” or the “Nadia Dress.”

The “S” body type has a defined waist with curvier hips and bust. For this body type, Izu suggests wearing a shorter cap sleeve to minimize the bust and a French tuck, which will add dimension. Try out her “Nadia Dress,” “Romy Romper,” or the “Claire Top” paired with the “Koko Pant.”

Want to learn about your body type? Izu often hosts group styling events to help her customers in a fun, social setting with friends. The events start with a discussion hosted by Izu, then she and her styling team stand by to give styling tips to help you shop. The next styling event will be at the Ala Moana boutique, Friday, May 3, from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Or try the next event on Saturday, May 4, at the Kaimuki boutique from 4 – 6 p.m.

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