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Foodie paradise satisfies every craving in the heart of Anaheim

Travel Tuesday with Alaska Airlines

Host Kanoe Gibson sets out for another fun day on her southern California Travel Tuesday adventures with Alaska Airlines. In an attempt to curb her hunger pangs, she stops off at the Anaheim Packing House — what she calls a “foodie paradise” — a multi-story food hall that is sure to satisfy every craving.

Located in the heart of the revitalized Anaheim Packing District, the Anaheim Packing House has become one of the hottest attractions in the area. Built in 1919, the Packing House became an icon in Anaheim as one of the nation’s last standing and remaining citrus packing warehouses. In 2000, the community of Anaheim rose up to preserve the historical building and invited in commercial real estate consultants and now owners of the Packing House, Shaheen and Linda Sadeghi.

The Sadeghis were originally designers in the clothing industry and found a second career in commercial real estate finding historical and dilapidated buildings and re-purposing them into unconventional retail. They fell in love and purchased the Packing House with the heart to tie it to its original agricultural history by creating this great American Food Hall that it has become.

The Anaheim Packing House specializes in hand-selected mom and pop restaurants, food purveyors and food artisans that are unique and multi-cultural. From breakfast and desserts to comfort food, or kid-friendly concoctions that go viral on social media, there’s something for everyone. Taking a stroll down both floors throughout the warehouse is recommended, however, as you’ll be tempted to stop at the first stall that catches your senses. Whether it’s a gourmet grilled cheese at the Black Sheep Grilled Cheese Bar, award-winning Indian food from Adya, or homemade ice cream and dessert, every palate has a place in this culinary collection.

Most restaurants are open from 11AM to 9PM daily. Anaheim Packing House also has live entertainment and spaces for events.

For more information:, Instagram @packingdistrict