FIT4MOM offers fitness programs for every stage of motherhood

Programs are designed to grow with you throughout parenthood

Sponsored by HMAA

Most moms know feel that while expecting and after giving birth, it can be tough to exercise and stay fit while having children. That’s where FIT4MOM comes in to help. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is getting her sweat on and getting a firsthand look at how its program not only make exercising fun, but convenient too!

FIT4MOM currently offers three different course formats: Stroller Strides, FIT4BABY, and Body Boost. Before taking any class, the team recommends checking with your doctor or midwife. The classes are made up of a community of parents trying to navigate all different stages of child raising. In addition to its classes, FIT4MOM also offers Mom’s Nights In/Out, playgroups after classes, and a variety of different get-togethers and field trips.

FIT4MOM has partnered with HMAA’s Member Plus Discount Program to provide its members with special offers on pre and postnatal health, wellness, and fitness programs for every stage of motherhood. Right now, registration fees are waived for HMAA members, and there are special savings being offered on Stroller Strides/Stroller Barre, Body Well, and FIT4BABY class packs and sessions.

For more information on HMAA, visit or follow its Facebook and Instagram pages @hmaawellness. You can also get more information on FIT4MOM by visiting or following on Facebook @fit4momwindwardoahu or on Instagram: @fit4momkailua.