Fear-free clinics offer pets a less stressful experience at the vet

A trend helping our furry friends feel more comfortable

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Going to the doctor can be a little bit stressful, and the same goes for our furry friends during a trip to the veterinarian! That’s why VCA Hawaii focuses on a fear-free practice. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Dr. Kelly Love-Abel to talk about the growing trend.

“The purpose of fear-free practice is to reduce the stress and anxiety that a pet might feel when they go to the vet and make it more comfortable for them and for owners alike,” Dr. Love-Abel explains. “One of the things that I like to use is treats and cookies because who doesn’t like to go to the doctor and get a treat?”

Dr. Love-Abel can use treats as a reward for pets, but also as a distraction method while doing something that may be uncomfortable or scary for the pet. To make pets comfortable, calming music is often played in addition to there being blankets on the examination tables. There are even calming diffusers that emit pheromones that help to make pets more calm.

Everything starts at home, so there are things you can do with your pet ahead of time to help them not think of the veterinarian’s office as a bad place. Before bringing your pet in, taking them on car rides to places other than the vet can help them not associate the car with a doctor visit. Bringing them to the vet to get a cookie can also help them associate positive feelings with the office.

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