Faith Surf School carries the legacy of stewardship through surfing

It’s been a trying time for many local businesses here in Hawaii as we continue to recover from the devastating pandemic situation. Now more than ever, it is important to keep your head up and spread positivity to those around. HI Now Host Rachel Pacarro talks story with Faith Surf School to see how they are demonstrating stewardship through surfing.

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“During the pandemic, there was zero income,” says Tony Moniz, owner of Faith Surf School. “When things not just start going good, but when family needs help: someone is sick for example, or my company is struggling, I got to have a little faith.” The acronym for Faith stands for family, aloha, integrity, truth, and honor, which Moniz and his team exemplify through their daily operations.

The focal point of Faith Surf School is to carry on the legacy of the Waikiki Beach Boys. “What Uncle Duke left behind is super important. It’s really running it with aloha and being a professional about it and having the kids – the ones that are up and coming, teach them.” Duke Kahanamoku had a big influence on Moniz growing up. With the opportunity to own a surfing school on Waikiki Beach, Moniz said he wanted to stewardship what Duke had left behind for modern day surfing. “I just really want to leave a legacy here on this beach. That this little sliver for the local community, all the braddahs that surf here or teach here can do the same: what Uncle Duke did,” says Moniz.

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