F45 and Vizer’s F45izer Challenge helps you stay fit and feed those in need

HI Now hosts Kainoa Carlson and Kanoe Gibson try out the F45 workout and combat food insecurity in Hawaii.

Sponsored by Cutter Chevrolet

F45 has partnered with Vizer to help feed those in need. Vizer is a social impact app that rewards people for healthy habits–– simply set goals in the app each day and, when you accomplish them, corporate sponsors donate food to a local food bank. And you might know the founder; the app was created by Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 winner Dylan Barbour and his cousin, Samantha Pantazopolous.

Starting on June 1, F45 Hawaii Kai is participating in the F45izer challenge, where their goal is to donate at least 500 meals to local food banks. Every time a studio member completes a workout, they scan a QR code at the front desk to donate one meal through Vizer. They can also track how many meals they and the Vizer community have donated in real time.

Ultimately, their goal is to build an economy around exercise while doing good in the community.
“We’ve seen a great turnout of everyone showing up to the studio, and the energy is infectious,” said Vince Fernandez, a trainer at F45.

For more information on F45: f45training.com/hawaiikai or on Instagram @f45_training_hawaiikai

For more information on Vizer: vizerapp.com or on Instagram @vizerapp