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Experience the Beautiful Kona Coast With Sea Quest Hawaii

Ready for an adventure? HI Now Host Kainoa Carlson is in Kona to check out Sea Quest Hawaii snorkeling. Sea Quest has been offering exciting snorkeling tours for over 30 years. These tours range from 3-hour-long beginner tours to longer tours for more experienced snorkelers.

Sponsored by Sea Quest Hawaii.

“We specialize in adventure tours along the Southern Kona Coast,” said Sea Quest Owner Manu Powers. “We’ve got incredible sea caves, incredible geological formations, and then, of course, there’s snorkeling.”

Sea Quest’s most popular tour is its night-time snorkeling tour. During this tour, snorkelers get to swim with and feed Hawaii’s native manta rays, which can reach up to 16 feet in wingspan.

Sea Quest is one of only two companies that has an office in Keauhou Bay. It is also the largest company to operate from the bay, so it has special access to Keauhou’s beautiful water and scenery that you can’t find anywhere else in Hawaii.

“We have the ability to share this place with so many people and keep them in an area that really minimizes our footprint and protects this special place. We understand that this place needs to be protected and it is our kuleana, and we feel so fortunate that that’s the case,” said Powers.

For more information: (808) 329-7238