Experience teppanyaki performance cooking at Tanaka of Tokyo

The food is top knotch, but so is the show!

Sponsored by Tanaka of Tokyo

Tanaka of Tokyo Restaurants has been serving Hawaii steak lovers since 1978, and it currently operates three full service teppanyaki restaurants. HI Now host Kainoa Carlson went to visit the restaurant at Ala Moana Center to see how it’s making changes to welcome back guests to a safe and fun dining experience.

Each Tanaka of Tokyo location offers a comfortably elegant setting suitable for any casual get-together or special occasion. The restaurant also prides itself on providing impeccable and friendly service, while specializing in performance cooking using the finest quality steak and seafood.

While the food is top notch, you’ll really be impressed by the show put on by the chefs! Tanaka of Tokyo chefs skillfully prepare each meal table-side with the goal being able to provide all of their guests with a high-quality dining experience. Guests can enjoy the finest steak and seafood skillfully prepared and presented with great flair by master teppanyaki chefs on a table top grill. The speed and dexterity of the chefs will surely leave you dazzled!

Tanaka of Tokyo offers a full array of seafood, steak, and fresh garden vegetables. The restaurant specializes in Certified Angus Beef sirloin, imported lobster tails, shrimp, and scallops. King salmon, filet mignon and teriyaki chicken are also very popular and all meals are presented as a feast for your eyes as well as your palate.

The menu boasts an assortment of entrees starting from $24.95. All of the entrees are accompanied with crisp tossed green salad, a grilled shrimp appetizer, teppanyaki vegetables, and steamed rice. Bringing people together in an atmosphere filled with laughter, warmth, and lively conversation is Tanaka of Tokyo’s specialty. You’re in for a great meal, and an even greater experience.

At Tanaka of Tokyo, diners are always “Honored Guests.” Head into one of their locations and discover why they are “The Best Japanese Restaurant in Hawaii.”

For more information: tanakaoftokyo.com, or on Facebook and Instagram: @tanakaoftokyo