Experience Nevada’s Wild West on horseback

Sponsored by Vacations Hawaii and the California Hotel and Casino

Looking for a family-friendly adventure while staying in Sin City? Las Vegas Week continues as HI Now host Kanoe Gibson gets to experience life as a cowgirl and ride off into the sunset on a horseback adventure!

Less than an hour outside of Las Vegas, you’ll find a true-to-life western adventure where you can ride across natural desert trails carved out by wild mustangs, river washes, Native Americans, and people from another time. Wild West Horseback Adventures offers a variety of excursions for anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of the Wild West once enjoyed by pioneers, cowboys, and early explorers.

Whether it’s a family, club, church or work colleague group, Wild West Horseback Adventures caters to groups of all sizes. Even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, seasoned cowhands will help select a horse based on your weight, height and experience and then guide you across the natural, rugged, and beautifully scenic landscape for an adventure that will take you back in time.

The Wild Wild West Scenic Sunset Dinner Ride begins with a pick-up at your hotel. Upon arrival, ranch hands greet you and get you saddled up, then you’re ready to ride off into Nevada’s desert wilderness. Enjoy the wildlife sightings of jackrabbits, hear a coyote, and watch a spectacular sunset.

Wild West Horseback Adventures also offers The Maverick Breakfast ride, where you’ll be surrounded by majestic views of nearby mountains, and The Ol’ Spanish Trail, where you’ll follow the same trails that were once ridden by some of the most infamous outlaws of the American West.

This Wild Wild West Adventure is often compared to a scene right out of the movies, except you’ll be the one riding off into the sunset! Guests can make a reservation at wildwesthorsebackadventures.com or call 702-792-5050 or 1-877-945-3978.

For more information: wildwesthorsebackadventures.com, facebook.com/wildwesthorsebackadventures