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Everyday carry items at City Mill make the perfect functional gift

Be organized and stay prepared

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There are just a couple of weeks left to finish your holiday shopping! If you’re looking for some last-minute gift ideas, consider everyday carry items (EDC). These are useful things people carry everyday consistently and make for a thoughtful and functional gift! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is at City Mill with some ideas.

“EDC is a lifestyle term for those of us who like to be organized and prepared,” says Eric Yamashita with City Mill. “It can be a wallet, your keys, a pen, whatever you think you might need to get through the day or for anything that might come up.”  Yamashita actually carries a Leatherman Wave Plus, a great gift idea.

“It folds out and it actually has a pair of pliers, it has outside accessible knives and scissors, and all kinds of other things. It even has a screwdriver, can opener,” says Yamashita. So what makes it different from the old Leatherman model? The replaceable wire cutter.

As part of the EDC lifestyle, City Mill also carries a three-piece pouch set that’s great for organizing cables, multi-tools, power outlets, or anything you need. It even has a mesh panel that allows you to see inside at a glance. You’ll even find an EDC kit at City Mill. It includes a small flashlight, a power cord, pocket knife, a small multi-tool, and a wallet tool.

Yamashita lists the Nitecore TUP LED flashlight as another of his favorites.

“It’ll tell you what power ring it is and how long it’s going to work for,” he explains. “Very rechargeable, so you use a mini USB cord and it charges up pretty quick.”

So check out these gadgets and more at City Mill! You’ll also find everything you might need to repair your home or office and enhance your life.

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