Enter to win a Monarch Butterfly Kit from Bayer Hawaii!

In honor of National Butterfly Education and Awareness Day on June 6

Sponsored by Bayer Hawaii

The Monarch Butterfly plays an important role in agriculture. Throughout the years, Bayer Hawaii has been restoring its population right here in Hawaii, and with butterfly education and awareness day coming up, Bayer is holding an exciting contest giveaway.

National Butterfly Education and Awareness Day takes place every year on the first Saturday in June, and this year it falls on June 6. Spearheaded by the Association for Butterflies, this day is meant to educate the public and raise awareness of butterflies and their importance as pollinators and their place in nature.

The monarch butterfly plays an important role in agriculture by assisting with the pollination of flowering crops and contributing to biodiversity. Over the past two decades, the monarch population has continued to fluctuate, worldwide. Some of the factors include: the loss of milkweed in the United States, habitat loss in the Mexican forests, climate change and other weather events.

Bayer Hawaii is committed to restoring the Monarch Butterfly habitat and ecosystem. 76 percent of the flowering plants and 33 percent of food crops are pollinated by pollinators, including the monarch butterfly. A few years ago, Bayer implemented a program to restore pollinator habitats across all of our farms on Oahu, Maui and Molokai, by planting hundreds of crown flowers in an effort to increase the butterfly’s milkweed habitat and protect biodiversity.

In partnership with Sharing the Butterfly Experience, Bayer Hawaii will be giving away three Monarch Butterfly kits for free! The contest will run from June 1-5, and winners will be selected during a random drawing on June 10. The kit includes a live caterpillar, a habitat to protect the caterpillar from predators, a crown flower plant for food, and a book on how to raise monarch butterflies. To enter to win, like Bayer Hawaii on Instagram @bayer4cropshi, and post your own butterfly photo or a butterfly food plant photo and explain why the butterfly is important to you.

For more information: bayer.com, twitter.com/bayer4cropshi, facebook.com/bayercropsciencehawaii