Enjoy Mediteranean influenced dishes and a glass of wine at Vino

Great food, fabulous wines, and good fun!

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Located at Oahu’s Waterfront Plaza is Vino, a charming, neighborhood bistro where guests can expect good home-cooking with a Mediterranean twist! HI Now host Jobeth Devera went to check out what’s on the menu.

In 2006, Food and Wine named Vino one of “America’s 50 Most Amazing Wine Experiences.” Created by Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya and restaurateur D.K. Kodama, Vino reflects the energy and passion of two partners who love great food and wine.

To Furuya, Vino is a place to have good food, good wine, and a lot of fun while hanging out. As for its wine program, much of the selection is special ordered. He makes sure the restaurant does its research to find wines that are made from indigenous grapes in the Mediterranean Basin by companies farm sustainably and are family owned and operated.

“Not to be exclusive — just authentic,” Furuya says. “Offering wines that you don’t have to go to Corsica now. You don’t have to go to Greece now.”

The essence of Vino is this joy and love of sharing a glass of good wine among friends. Modeled after an Italian enotecca, the rustic, warm ambiance of the restaurant is the ideal setting for Furuya to share his enthusiasm and expertise with guests. The relaxed, convivial atmosphere allows everyone who visits Vino to feel as if they are part of the extended “Vino family.”

About Chuck Furuya:
Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya’s down-to-earth, completely non-intimidating approach to the enjoyment of wine is as refreshing as it is informative. In a nutshell (or should we say in a wine glass?), that is why Furuya is Hawaii’s most sought-after wine expert. He is one of only 164 Master Sommeliers in the country and was the tenth American to pass in 1988. He has created a diverse and sophisticated wine list featuring selections from around the world to complement the restaurant’s menu.

For more information: vinohawaii.com, or on Instagram: @vinohawaii