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Enjoy fun in the sun with outdoor activities in Kaneohe Bay with Kama‘aina Kids

Programs and activities at He‘eia State Park Waterfront

Sponsored by Kama‘aina Kids

Summer’s the time to get out with your family and enjoy the longer days! Kama’aina Kids hosts a variety of family fun activities at He‘eia State Park Waterfront, an 18-acre peninsula located out in the middle of Kaneohe Bay. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Andy Carre, the waterfront program director, to talk more about the programs offered.

Kama‘aina Kids offers boating, kayaking, sailing, and ocean safety instructional programs for local keiki. It has a summer day camp waterfront program which gets over 2,000 children out on the bay and out to the sandbar each summer. Kama‘aina Kids also offers educational eco-tours and kayak and snorkel rentals to kids of all ages.

The first ever waterfront program for local kids was run from He‘eia State Park’s waterfront in 1987, and Kama‘aina Kids wanted to manage the park to make it a better resource for the community and offer programs regularly from the park’s waterfront.

The waterfront programs offered from He‘eia, including the summer day camp program, don’t fund the State Park at all. In the lease Kama‘aina Kids has with the state, it specified two ways it could generate revenue to fund the park, and one is by managing He’eia State Park’s banquet hall reservations. The banquet hall has been an awesome community resource for decades as a venue that can accommodate up to 300 people for weddings, birthday parties, baby luaus, graduations, and banquets. That only represents a small percentage of the revenue necessary to fund the park. The majority comes from the educational eco-tour activities Kama‘aina Kids offers, plus the waterfront activities rentals to locals and visitors of all ages. This not only enables the non-profit to fund and manage the state park, but it also makes it possible to offer all the programs Kama‘aina Kids does for keiki.

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