En Route Hawaii offers personal concierge and delivery service

Helping people save time and those in need

Sponsored by Cutter Chevrolet

Jon Duarte and Stacie Taira co-founded En Route Hawaii, a personal concierge and delivery service. The pair also own and operate a design and video production business, but COVID-19 brought all of their active projects to an abrupt halt. This gave them time to evaluate some of their previous business ideas, and En Route was born.

En Route Hawaii serves both consumers and businesses. For the general public, Duarte and Taira believe there are two types of people: 1) Those looking to save time, and 2) Those in-need or at-risk of contracting COVID.

For businesses, these fall into two categories as well: The small business owner who needs an extra hand, and larger companies who would rather outsource time-consuming tasks as they arise rather than pay a full-time employee. En Route is able to sere all of these needs.

En Route can assist with errands like helping individuals get groceries, go to the bank, do FedEx runs, picking up dry cleaning, even assisting with Zoom birthday parties by delivering food and desserts to participants from the host of the party. Some of the more unique requests have been sending Chinese take out to Lanai, purchasing a dining table off of Craigslist and delivering it to the North Shore, and even hunting down specific vintage wine and exotic cuisine.

Safety of its customers and crew is of the highest importance to En Route. The crew makes no-contact deliveries and offers on-site disinfection of sealed packaged goods to help minimize the risk of exposure. The crew is also required to wear company-issued P95 respiratory masks, gloves and eye-wear.

En Route also just recently launched the En Route Store, which aims to offer stylish and functional essentials, which currently happens to be masks and other PPE items.

For more information: EnRouteHawaii.com