Elite VB helps businesses care for employees through voluntary benfits

Benefits are an important part of any business model. HI Now host Kainoa Carlson speaks with Elite VB to find out how they are helping businesses care for their employees through voluntary benefits packages.

Sponsored by Elite VB

Elite VB is focused on helping employers, associations, and unions develop a voluntary benefits package for their employees. They provide premium products at a low price for businesses off all types. Pamela Whitfield, Owner of Elite VB, says that many businesses have programs for their employees, but the participation rate is very low. To help employees understand voluntary benefits, she uses multimedia tools like videos and websites to explain exactly how benefits like critical illness, accident plans, and life insurance can benefit them.

Elite VB has a program that allows businesses to incur no-cost if their employee participation rate is over 40%. “My job is to put together a great voluntary benefits package with great programs, great enrollment solutions and services so that participation is up to 40% or 50% so there’s no cost to the employer,” says Whitfield. These programs are geared towards protecting employee families and making sure they can survive financially when injury or illness occurs.

According to Whitfield, supplemental disability should be the number one product in a voluntary benefits package. State disability covers only half of a monthly paycheck which makes it hard to live financially. Most disability plans also have health questions that prevent individuals from qualifying due to past heart attacks, strokes, or diabetes. The carriers that Whitfield works with covers up to 30% of your gross paycheck and do not require any health questions to qualify.

With the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic, Whitefield says statistics shows that mental health and substance abuse has affected more than 40% of individuals. This is a new concern for businesses and should be implemented into their benefits plans. “I can help them to evaluate the benefits that they have for employees to make sure that they do address, in a cost-effective way, the new needs of the employees at the workplace,” she says. For more information, please visit elite-vb.com.