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Eat Local recipe contest winner skewers Iraqi kebabs with a Hawaiian twist

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Navy veteran Ronnie Kaopuiki joins HI Now host Kanoe Gibson in the kitchen as this month’s Eat Local Recipe Contest winner! Now you too can make his Iraqi Kebabs — with a special Hawaiian twist!

This family-friendly recipe is a great way to get everyone in the family involved in dinner prep. All you need is some of your favorite local veggies and your choice of beef or lamb. Assign one person to chopping duty, then get the kids in the kitchen so they can put the skewers together any way they want ahead of the grilling process.


1 lb. Organic/free Range Beef and or Lamb 60/40 fat ratio
1 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. white or black pepper
Cumin (to taste)
Turmeric (to taste)
2 tomatoes
1 Maui sweet onion
2 cloves Garlic

Tzatziki Greek dipping sauce:

Cucumber (boned, shreaded, and salted)
Greek Yogurt
One clove garlic, olive oil (blend together)
Salt and pepper
White wine vinger
Cucumber (squeeze juices out and chop Dill and mint)

Cooking instructions:

1. Dice and strain using cheese cloth
2. Mix in bowl (or use a blender)
3. Leave in fridge overnight

Next Day:
1. Ball up beef/lamb and put on skewers pressing middle finger down to make grooves
2. Skewer tomato, onion, green peeper
3. Grill meat skewers (or broil)
4. Grill flat bread (or naan bread, pita bread, sweet bread)
5. Serve grilled meat, veggies on bread

You could be our next Eat Local winner by showing us how you Eat Local! Just submit your favorite recipe using local ingredients and snap a photo of the finished dish. Winners will be featured preparing their recipe on a special HI Now segment. Remember to Buy Local, it matters!

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