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Earth Week: Thinking about going solar? With Sunetric, there’s never been a better time

Sponsored by Sunetric

If you’ve ever considered going solar, there’s no better time than now. Sunetric has a team of experts standing by and has been helping customers in Hawaii save money by switching to solar for over 15 years.

Here are a few reasons why now is the time to go solar:

1) Hawaii pays some of the highest electric rates in the country, and electric bills keep going up almost every year. Having solar power is much more affordable than grid power and protects you from future rate increases.

2) Resilience. Last year, Oahu was lucky to be spared by a hurricane. Other islands weren’t so fortunate, and it’s only a matter of time.  Many prepared by getting food and water storage, but do you have energy storage? Sunetric builds all its systems with Resilient Power, a source of power you can rely on even if the worst were to happen, and were forced to live without power for hours, days or weeks.

3) Solar is a great investment for your home and increases your property value.

4) Going solar means leaving a legacy of clean energy for the future and for our children.

During the day, solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. That energy is first sent to household electric needs, and the remainder is stored in the battery. At night, electric needs in the home are powered by the battery. You are still typically connected to the grid, from which you might still pull a little power if you ever need more than your battery can produce. Sunetric’s goal is to “right-size” your system so that this happens rarely, if ever. In the case of a grid outage, your solar and battery will continue to operate and provide a certain amount of power day and night, depending on your system, your needs, and your home’s electrical setup.

So how do you decide what kind of system is right for you? That’s where Sunetric’s Solar Experts come in by using advanced energy modeling software to custom-size the right solution for your needs. When you go solar with Sunetric, part of its unique process is bringing you a Smart Home Energy Monitor by Sense. The Sense Monitor is installed in your main electric panel and you can get real data on when you use your power and how much you actually need, ensuring that when it comes time to install your solar and storage system that you’ll have the right size and the right equipment to power your home and help you save.

Tax credits are still available, along with easy, no money down financing where your solar payment is less than your electric bill.

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