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During the storm: Protect your investment with Kapili Roofing & Painting

Safeguard your property and family while waiting out the storm

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During times of severe weather, the most important thing to do is make sure you and your family are safe. Many roofers work around the clock during these times to help get homes stabilized, and the team at Kapili Roofing & Painting are no different.

When it comes to protecting your home during a storm, Brennan Leong, president at Kapili Roofing & Painting, recommends waiting until the storm has passed to fix the problem. “Calling a roofer or the fire department are ways you can help mitigate the damage during severe weather, but your safety should come first,” he says. “Your home can always be repaired, but your well-being is something more serious.”

For smaller problems, there are things you can do before calling a professional. “If your roof starts leaking, move valuables away from the area and off the ground,” Leong says.

During past hurricane seasons, Leong has seen the entire roof blown off a home, and his team needed to do a complete renovation of the interior. “I actually ran into her recently and found out they were still in the process of getting the interior completed after over six months since the initial damages,” he explains. “Things like this can be life changing. Being proactive is always the best thing to do.”

Leong recommends getting in touch with a roofer you can trust. By building a relationship with a roofer, you can make sure you have the help you need when you need it. “It’s good to have someone you can call during these types of situations,” he says.

Kapili Roofing & Painting is locally owned and operated and specializes in all types of roofing and painting, from small residential roof repairs to large-scale commercial installations. It works with all types of materials, and its team is familiar with roofing in Hawaii’s unique climate.

Even though it’s hurricane season, it’s never too late to prepare! Kapili Roofing & Painting offers free estimates, so call (808) 621-7663 or go to to schedule your appointment.

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