Dr. Shepherd on the importance of A.I. in the fight against breast cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month and cutting-edge technology, and artificial intelligence is making a significant impact in the fight against breast cancer.

Sponsored by Susan G. Komen Hawaii

Dr. Shepherd, Researcher at the UH Cancer Center, says Susan G. Komen has supported him and his research for over a decade. He hosts a workshop called the International Breast Density Workshop in San Francisco and in Hawaii.

Dr. Shepherd says it’s an interesting time for artificial intelligence with breast cancer. It’s being tested in multiple ways to improve the accuracy of diagnosis or detecting it in imaging. It can be applied to mammograms to determine the risk of cancer in an image or replacing the radiologist all together which is effective in low resource settings. The most accurate way to read mammograms is with two radiologists. The A.I. can take the place of the other radiologist and can be used to review negative mammograms.

Currently, there aren’t any comprehensive studies of breast cancer risk in Hawaii. “Our understanding of breast cancer risk in Pacific Islander women and Asian women is not very well understood,” says Dr. Shepherd. If you want to help support the fight against breast cancer, please visit komenhawaii.org for more information!