Doraku Waikiki revamps menu with unique twist on classic cocktails

Start your weekend off right with a cocktail! HI Now hosts Kainoa Carlson and Rachel Pacarro are in the kitchen with Doraku Waikiki to learn more about their revamped cocktail menu!

The new menu is a Doraku twist on classic cocktails. Try their smooth and sweet lychee martini, the Yamaha Sidecar with Courvoisier cognac, and their unique Tokyo Sour with homemade yuzu. They also have a Mai Tai that sticks to the classic, non-fruity original recipe!

A recently popular drink at Doraku is the Butterfly Sake-tini. Bartender Ryan Birkett starts by pouring fresh lime juice into the mixer. He then adds orgeat (almond syrup), elderflower liquor, Aoki Junmai Ginjo sake, and an infused butterfly pea flower Aviation gin. Dress the rim with Yukari, pour the drink into the glass, top with a dehydrated lemon, and you have the perfect cocktail to start your weekend!

Doraku is excited to announce that they will be opening a new location in the Kapolei Market Place in May of 2022. For more information, please visit