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Donors provide Critical support and funding to enable REHAB Hospital of the Pacific to rebuild lives

REHAB Foundation ensures highest quality of care for patients

Sponsored by REHAB Hospital of the Pacific

REHAB Hospital of the Pacific is a non-profit organization, so philanthropic support is critical to its ability to maintain the highest quality of care for patients and support the hospital’s dedication to rebuilding lives.

The REHAB Foundation was established in 1984 to support the hospital in its mission to rebuild lives for those with physical and cognitive disabilities. To ensure that the highest quality of specialized rehabilitation care is given to each patient, the foundation supports providing opportunities for ongoing education and training of clinical staff. Contributions help employees attend different seminars and conference and training sessions.

The generous support from donors and the foundation supports the expansion and evolution of educational programs that enable REHAB to develop collaborations with Hawaii students from universities and healthcare facilities around the country. This enhances the clinical education and workforce readiness of students seeking careers in a variety of fields, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, nursing, and medical assistance.

In the program, Associates and Bachelor’s Degree students will gain valuable experience in their chosen field of study with a focus on rehabilitation medicine. Each student will work as many as 130 hours at REHAB Hospital with their preceptor, a REHAB Hospital clinician, gaining valuable experience to supplement their didactic instruction.

There is a critical shortage of healthcare workers in Hawaii, across every clinical discipline and at every level of staffing. The funding helps support clinicians at REHAB in work as preceptors and adjunct faculty for different programs. Preceptors play a critical role in the education of students seeking careers in healthcare and provide students with the clinical experience necessary for students to enter the workforce.

About REHAB Hospital of the Pacific (REHAB)
For 65 years, REHAB Hospital of the Pacific has been dedicated to rebuilding lives.  As the only comprehensive medical rehabilitation hospital in Hawaii, REHAB has been providing exemplary care to those with physical and cognitive disabilities, such as stroke and spinal cord injuries, empowering patients to reach optimal health and independence.

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