Doctors of Waikiki helps keep the community safe using advanced tools

Urgent care facilities are a big help to hospitals and the community. HI Now host Rachel Pacarro visits Doctors of Waikiki to find out how they are using advanced tools to keep people healthy and safe.

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Doctors of Waikiki is a state-of-the-art facility that provides medical care to those in need. They pride themselves on staying up to standards with the latest technologies and certifications. Due to the pandemic, Doctors of Waikiki established their own COVID lab in which they can run a patients COVID screening, in house, in roughly 40 minutes. “We not only take care of COVID patients, we can run your complete blood count, your chemistry, your kidney function, liver function, lipids: all of those routine lab that you really need,” says Dr. Alan Wu, founder of Doctors of Waikiki.

According to Dr. Alan Wu, urgent care is not only for urgent issues. If someone needs a doctor, is in between care, or short on their medicine, Doctors of Waikiki is able to provide those services to them. They have their own in-house dispensary for medication prescription, can perform lab draws, and have x-ray capabilities. They also have the certification and facility to perform on site physical therapy.

Doctors of Waikiki is locally owned and operated with a large bi-lingual staff. Some of them even speak four different languages! The numberof employees allows them to stay open from 8am – 12 am every day including all holidays. “We want to be here to help,” says Dr. Alan Wu, “not only to take care of our community, but alleviate some of the burdens that the ER is having to deal with.”

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