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Delicious handmade pasta from Maui’s Casanova Italian Restaurant

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If you ask anyone in Makawao, Maui, they’ll tell you that Casanova Italian Restaurant is rated one of the best on the Valley Isle. Host Kanoe Gibson caught up with Owner Giovanni Steven Cappelli and Executive Chef Lorenzo Avella and found out this Italian food restaurant is so much more than pizza and spaghetti.

Since 1986, Casanova Italian Restaurant has made Italian fare the most appreciated food in Upcountry Maui by countless families. Located in an historic building, which used to be a USO for the Marines during WW2, Casanova is now the heartbeat of the community. Giovanni Steven Cappelli owns Casanova in Makawao and its younger sibling Bistro Casanova in Kahului. The restaurant prepares more than 100 fresh pasta dishes a day for hungry customers. 30 years ago, the restaurant delivered hundreds of pounds of fresh pasta to many hotels and restaurants in Maui. Now, Cappelli keeps his fresh made pasta for patrons.
About Giovanni Steven Cappelli
Giovanni Steven Cappelli, owner of Casanova in Makawao and Bistro Casanova in Kahului, was born in Milano, Italy, where he practiced criminal law for ten years. In the 80’s he took a sabbatical of six months from his law firm and never went back. The rivers of life, and some very good friends, got him to Maui where, in 1986, he quickly opened Casanova Deli in Makawao. Three years later, in 1989, the small Deli expanded and took over the historic building to become Casanova Italian Restaurant and Deli. In 2009, Giovanni Steven Cappelli added Bistro Casanova in Kahului to his small family of restaurants in Maui. He is happily married to Panna, the owner of the Art Gallery Maui Hands across the street  from Casanova.

About Lorenzo Avella
Executive chef Lorenzo Avella, a 24 year old native of Milano, Italy, recently joined the Casanova family. After honing his young talent with restaurants in northern of Italy, he hit the road to discover new horizons. His arrival to Maui brought new flavors and looks to what was already a scrumptious Italian fare.

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