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Cybersecurity: Online tools from American Savings Bank to keep your data safe

Tips to safeguard information on your devices

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so it’s a good time to take a look at ways to be safer and more secure online. Here are some tips from American Savings Bank to help protect you, your data and your devices so that you can safely take advantage of all the benefits technology offers.

Today, people use multiple internet-connected devices, such as a smart phone, laptop and smart watch, which can make securing your personal data even more challenging. For that reason, it’s important to always use unique, long, and complex passwords across key accounts like email or banking. Multi-factor authentication provides even more security than a password alone. Many websites support enabling the use of something in addition to a password like an additional text message, phone call, or code generator to confirm your identity.

In addition to protecting your devices, it’s also important to safeguard your information. When reading emails, especially one trying to get you to take some sort of action, be mindful of misspellings, grammatical mistakes or fake email domains. Don’t click on links or attachments from an unknown sender or ones that look suspicious. Phishing emails usually ask you to perform a time-sensitive action to create a sense of urgency and keep you from taking time to think about the consequences.

Another tip: When installing and using apps, check your app settings and limit the data the app can access, including location tracking services. As tempting as it might be, exercise caution when connecting to public wireless networks. Double check that the network name and login information are legitimate before connecting. It’s also best practice not to access sensitive information while connected to public networks.

American Savings Bank offers online and mobile banking to its customers that have robust security measures in place. By leveraging these tools, customers can actively monitor their accounts to review recent activity. Using mobile banking, you can check your accounts when you are on the go, whenever you want.

One of the helpful features of its online and mobile banking is the ability to set up text alerts, which will notify you via text of online transactions or transactions over a certain dollar amount. You can set these up from mobile banking or on your desktop. There’s also a series of security alerts that you can select and enable.

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