Customer favorites on sale at City Mill through Aug. 1

From pest traps to fruit pickers -- pick up these useful products!

Sponsored by City Mill

City Mill carries a wide variety of products to assist with the maintenance and repair of your home and office. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Evile Ieriko, store manager at City Mill’s Honolulu location, to get a look at some best selling products that customers love. You can even get these customer favorites on sale through August 1, 2020.

If you find yourself at home with a roach problem, you’re not alone! City Mill customers have chosen Hoy Hoy Trap A Roach as one of their favorites. You get five traps per pack, and you can put them under your couches, in your cabinets, out of sight and out of the reach of children or pets. Ieriko says these are also easy to dispose of after you’re done, as you can toss the traps right in the trash.

Next up, another trap: The Stick-Em Rat and Mouse Size Glue Trap. Not only do these catch rats, but the traps also catch bugs.

Here in Hawaii during this time of year, everyone is looking for mangoes. And at City Mill, fruit pickers are also a customer favorite. These come in two pieces, about 10-12 feet in length, which can then be used to pluck fruits like mangoes or papayas that are normally out of reach high up in the trees. You can even buy an extension which gets you even more length for those that are extra high up!

If you’ve got water spots on your faucets, stoves, shower doors, or windows, look no further than Diamond Magic. All you do is rub on the product, and you’ll have a clean surface — free of water marks!

Remember, all of these customer favorites are on sale through August 1, so go check out one of City Mill’s eight locations. All of these products can be found online as well at Order online and the folks at City Mill will have your order ready within two business hours!

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