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City Mill helps beginning gardeners develop their green thumbs

It's time for Gardening 101!

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Some people are born with a green thumb while other are not so lucky! Thankfully, with the help of these gardening tips from the experts at City Mill, you too can stand a chance at growing something and transforming your backyard. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with City Mill Merchant Iris Wilhelm-Norseth to get learn some Gardening 101.

When it comes to gardening, a lot of people living in Hawaii just don’t have the space. Whether they have a small yard, they rent and aren’t allowed to dig into the ground, or they live in an apartment and only have access to a balcony, there are a number of people who can benefit from container gardening.

“Now you can grow anything in a container,” explains Wilhelm-Norseth. “A lot of people use containers also to bring into the house.”

At City Mill, you can find gardening containers, pots and bowls of all different sizes. Many plants sold at City Mill or in other stores will come in nursery containers, which you can then place into more decorative pots.

“For the really big sizes, I like the plastic containers because they make it look like it’s heavy, but it’s not, it’s really light,” says Wilhelm-Norseth.

You can also find fabric pots at City Mill, which are perfect for those who need help developing their green thumb. These pots are very light, have handles that make them easy to move. They’re also BPA and lead-free, and the best part is you can’t over-water any plant that’s inside.

“They let a lot of moisture out,” Wilhelm-Norseth says. “The plants don’t get root-bound in here. You can start with a full plant like this or you can plant seeds.”

So if you’re looking to start your own garden, head down to City Mill to pick up these supplies!

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