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City Mill Celebrates Customer Appreciation Month With Fan Favorite Products

It’s customer appreciation month at City Mill, so HI Now Host Kainoa Carlson and City Mill Sales Associate Randy Villaver are walking through City Mill’s best-selling products that can help you make life easier.

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First, they take a look at the City Mill 8-Foot Mango Picker. This tool allows you to pick fruit off your trees without the stress of using a ladder. It also has a padded cage to prevent the fruit from bruising once you pick it.

Next is a set of gardening tools imported from Japan. These tools are lightweight, ergonomic and will last you a long time.

City Mill also carries stackable stones that you can use to create, pave or build anything you can think of. Each stone has a groove that allows them to lock together, so you won’t need cement or any other sealant.

Barkeeper’s Friend Soft Cleanser is the ultimate multipurpose cleaner. From counters to stainless steel, it’s tough on grease and excellent at removing water spots.
City Mill carries a wide variety of products to help with all your household needs! From jobs big to small, you can do them all. So if you’re looking to start some new home repair projects this year, head down to City Mill to pick up any of these products or order online at

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