Children & Youth Day to hold hour long TV special on K5

HI Now host Rachel Pacarro sits down with Children & Youth Day to learn more about their upcoming TV special!

Children & Youth Day will be airing their first TV special full of pictures and interviews sharing the stories and legacies of the past 28 years. The ability to go virtual has allowed them to reach farther out to the outer islands than ever before. The hour long special will air on Sunday 3rd at 6pm on K5!

Children & Youth Day also celebrates the ali’i of Hawaii and the legacies they left behind. Queen Kapi’olani started schools and hospitals for children, Queen Lili’uokalani aided orphaned children and mothers, and prince Albert started Mauna Ala. “I think that’s what’s really important is how much our ali’i loved us,” says Leilani Kupahu-Marina Kaho’ano.

In the 26 years before COVID, they had over 400 enlightening, educational, and ohana friendly activities that families could take home. There were also many participating organizations and thousands of people involved with Children & Youth Day at Iolani Palace. “It gave us a chance to see what other organizations are out there supporting children,” says Leilani. She and her team hope to have the in-person event again soon.

For the last several years, Children & Youth Day has taken a theme from Nā Hopena A’o, a program from the Native Hawaiian Education that takes a letter from Breath. This year, the theme is excellence, or po’okele. For more information, please visit Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow at 6pm on K5!