Chef Norm serves up addicting Poke Nachos at Nico’s Kailua

The meal isn't complete without a refreshing cocktail!

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You can’t go wrong with poke nachos, but when Chef Norm at Nico’s Kailua makes the dish, you’ll find yourself coming back to Oahu’s windward side for more! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is getting the scoop on what makes these nachos so addicting.

While this dish is a winner at any potluck, it also pairs well with a number of drinks you can get at Nico’s Kailua. Try the 96734, a local take on a classic margarita, named after Kailua town itself. Or try out the Kalaheo Cocjito — rum, vodka, lime juice and mint are blended together and then poured over a beautiful guava puree.

Recipe: Chef Norm’s Poke Nachos

8 oz Freshly cooked won ton chips (about two handfuls)

3 oz Spicy Mayo

3 oz Kabayaki Sauce


Oyster Sauce Poke:

7-8 oz cubed poke

2 oz diced sweet onions

2 oz oyster sauce

1.5 oz Sesame Oil


4 oz cubed avocados

1 tsp chopped bonito flakes

Shredded nori

About Nico’s Kailua
Nico’s Kailua opened in April 2017. During lunch, the restaurant offers a value concept of fresh fish and local fare served in takeout containers. Dine in a lovely dining room on the Kawainui canal with open seating and enjoy a cozy, mellow local vibe. Chefs prepare daily specials showcasing an array of the best fish Hawaii has to offer and also recipes from all around the world. At dinnertime, Nico’s Kailua goes into full-service mode where you are seated for torchlight dining and offered creative nightly specials and an eclectic array of fresh seafood. Enjoy live local music and a lively crowd at the bar during happy hour or sip and nibble in the dining room.

Nico’s Kailua also has a small fish market where a variety of fresh seafood, prepared by the fish market staff, can be found. The market also features a selection of souvenirs, sweets and snacks and our private line of clothing. Since Nico’s is located just a few steps from the beach, it is easy to pick up some poke and make a picnic out of it. From Nico’s fillets to house smoked fish to a variety of poke bowls and local snacks, the market is sure to satisfy.

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