Chef Mark Noguchi shares twist on French Onion dip

Ulu is the secret ingredient to this game day favorite!

When it comes to making a dish ahead of your game day watch party, the key is finding a recipe that’s easy and delicious! That’s why HI Now host Kanoe Gibson brought Chef Mark “Gooch” Noguchi into the kitchen. Today, he’s sharing his recipe for a party ready French Onion Ulu Dip.

The best part about this recipe? You can order ulu from Hawaii Ulu Cooperative at, so it’s a quick and easy dish to make that can be ready to serve in less than 20 minutes. The co-op purchases ulu from farmers throughout the state and then minimally processes it and sells it frozen all year round. You can also find it in grocery stores throughout the state such as Foodland, KTA Chef Zone and Down to Earth.

The inspiration for this dish came from the fact that February is Hawaii Invasive Species Month and Chef Noguchi’s favorite beer is Hanalei IPA. The first time he had Hanalei IPA was several years ago on Kauai for Waipa Foundations Eat the Invasives event. Kona Brewing was the sponsor of the event and created this backyard batch using a mix of lilikoi, orange and guava juice. The beer is now a staple for Kona, but originally, the intent was to shine light on the important work Waipa does in finding ways to make invasive species such as lilikoi and guava yummy!

The dip itself is a play on French Onion dip, which usually uses sour cream. Using Ulu makes the dish dairy free and replaces an imported ingredient with a local ingredient!

“The key to making ulu creamy is making sure you have it in the right stage, so a mature or ripe ulu works best for dips,” Chef Noguchi advises. “Also make sure you cook it long enough!”

Remember, if you’d like to try making this dish at home, be sure to order your ulu from and support local!