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Ulupono Initiative relies on key values to guide our work. We focus on the needs and wants of the people of Hawaii.

This is our home. We aspire to high standards; strive to work with humility; and work to learn and improve continuously. We push for innovative and transformative solutions that will have the most impact on the lives of the individuals and the community we serve.

We believe that sustainability is essential to our future prosperity, and will help shape our vision of a 21st century economy where economic progress and environmental stewardship work hand in hand.

  • Sustainable Change – Focus on making large-scale catalytic changes in our community
  • Respect and Humility – Listen openly, consider conflicting views and information, give credit to those getting the work done and don’t take ourselves too seriously
  • Honesty and Integrity – Conduct ourselves with integrity, show personal, professional and intellectual honesty within an environment of openness and accountability
  • Learning and Growth – Learn from mistakes, be open to risks that can make change happen, and share what we learn
  • Collaboration – Work together and share information creates partnerships critical to success
  • Pono Approach – Share information, respect our community and the many individuals who share their expertise with us and others, and work toward what is fair and just

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