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What is TMT?

TMT is a nonprofit partnership of world-class universities including the University of California, California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and governmental research institutions representing the partner countries of Canada, China, India and Japan. Sited at Maunakea, TMT will be the most advanced and capable telescope on Earth. With its 30-meter diameter mirror, TMT will have nine times the light gathering capacity of the most powerful current telescopes, and with an adaptive optics system that corrects for the blurring of the atmosphere, it will produce images ten times sharper than the Hubble Space telescope. Active in the community, TMT launched The Hawaii Island New Knowledge (THINK) Fund in 2014 to better prepare Hawaii Island students to master STEM and to become the workforce for higher paying science and technology jobs in Hawaii’s 21st century economy. To date, TMT has distributed $4.5 million: $3 million to THINK at HCF and $1.5 million to the Pauahi Foundation. TMT has also initiated a Workforce Pipeline Program to strengthen STEM skills infrastructure at UH Hilo, HCC and K-12 education organizations. For more information, visit

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TMT Ensuring that science and culture coexist on Mauna Kea

TMT’s Workforce Pipeline Program prepares Hawaii’s youth for higher paying jobs

TMT provides educational opportunities, outreach programs for Hawaii Island keiki

TMT’s THINK Fund invests in education for Hawaii Island students

TMT Hoping to add to new discoveries made atop Maunakea

A look at TMT’s potential impact on Hawaii Island’s economy