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Jams World and Surf Line Hawaii’s founder, Dave Rochlen, grew up at the beach in Santa Monica, California. He was a lifeguard, surfer, dirt bike rider and paddle board racer who enjoyed the carefree Southern California Lifestyle. Like many others in his generation, his involvement in World War II changed his outlook on life forever. He visited Hawaii and met native Hawaiian surfer girl Keanuenue Ka’eo, whom he married in 1953. After the war, he returned to California to work. He appeared on the cover of LIFE Magazine in 1949 as an icon for this new beach lifestyle, and again in 1954 in underwater scuba gear as the stuntman for Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

The start of Surf Line Hawaii: In 1962, Dave was transferred to Hawaii for work and “uncomfortable with the government industrial complex” left his job and opened a surfboard shop called Surf Line Hawaii on Kona Street in Honolulu. Back then Surf shops sold Surf Boards and not much else. Inspired by a group of Russians in their pajamas on the cover of Life Magazine, Dave asked his wife to cut a pair of Hawaiian print pajama pants into shorts for surfing. JAMS, short for pajamas were born!

The Jams World brand: Dave developed a love for traveling to curate textiles and art for his successful fashion business. He developed his exclusive spun crushed Rayon in Japan, and the JAMS WORLD brand of hand painted art on screen painted Rayon still cut and sewn in our Oahu factory!

Today Dave’s son, Pua, runs the company and retells Dave’s stories for a new generation.

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