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E.A. Buck

The E.A. Buck Family of Companies, founded in 1980, has been serving as Hawaii’s Tax Planners and Wealth Managers for over 35 years. We focus on Tax Planning, Social Security Planning, Active 401(K) Management, and Financial Planning.

Ed Buck, the firm’s founder, began his career as a science teacher in 1967 at Lihikai Junior High on the island of Maui. He transitioned into business and successfully ran several multi-million dollar businesses worldwide. A self-made millionaire, Ed quickly came to realize the impact of taxes on his overall financial plan. This impact to his finances gave Ed the motivation to understand the tax code and how the wealthy invest. Ed was driven to develop a way to use this knowledge to improve his personal financial plan. Ed’s personal quest became his passion, and ultimately, the driving force for what would soon become the E.A. Buck Family of Companies.

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