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Change a child’s life and become a preschool teacher at Kama’aina Kids

Make learning fun for Hawaii's keiki

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There’s nothing more fulfilling than making a difference in a child’s life. Kama’aina Kids is constantly looking for qualified individuals willing to make a positive impact on keiki during their early years, and right now, there are preschool teacher and early education positions open at 22 different locations on Oahu and Maui.

Kerry Salon has been a preschool teacher at Mililani Tech Park Kama’aina Kids for seven years. “I really enjoy seeing the transformation from the beginning of the school year to the end,” she says. “They learn and grow so much just during the year they’re in our classroom and then even more before they leave us for kindergarten.”

Preschool teachers have a lot of responsibility, and it’s up to them to provide a safe, nurturing, age appropriate environment for children to grow in all areas of development. “I want the children to feel comfortable coming to school and know that learning is fun!” Salon says. “I love seeing the satisfied look on their faces when they are able to do something they struggled with before and the conversations that take place as they start learning and growing.”

Children learn a lot through play and hands-on activities. “We are there to provide those opportunities and facilitate the process,” Salon explains. “Schooling and workshops are very important for the staff because we learn that the product does not matter for these children, it is the process,” she emphasizes.

Salon stresses that she just wants the children to learn as much as possible while in her care, but in the most fun way possible. “My goal for them is to become well-rounded, responsible little thinkers,” she says. “I value each child as an individual, and I know that children learn and grow at their own paces.”

For those interested in a preschool teacher or early education position with Kama’aina Kids, visit to apply online and make a difference.

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