Celebrate your next special occasion with a sushi cake from Aloha Cones

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HI Now celebrated its three-year anniversary on April 16, 2021. To keep the celebration going, HI Now hosts Kanoe Gibson and Kainoa Carlson tried their hand at decorating a different kind of cake. Sushi Chef Michael Alfaro joined them in the HI Now kitchen with a look at some specialty sushi cakes from Aloha Cones.

Aloha Cones offers three types of sushi cakes, which start at $90, and all cakes are 9 inches in diameter. These cakes are layered with sushi rice, crab salad, avocado and spicy tuna and are topped with sashimi roses. Two of these cakes feature ikura in addition to the sashimi.

Aloha Cones started making these sushi cakes in April 2020 and have made nearly 900 so far. The business is located in Kalihi on the corner of Houghtailing and School Street. It also specializes in poke and sashimi bowls, as well as some hot plates. So why the name Aloha Cones? Well, because the poke and sushi bowls used to be served out of shave ice cones at food events!

You can order a sushi cake from Aloha Cones on by direct messaging the business on Instagram @alohacones. You can also email kalihi@alohaconeshawaii.com. Just make sure you give the team there 1-2 week notice because orders always fill up quickly!

For more information: alohaconeshawaii.com or follow on Instagram: @alohacones