CalMed Hawaii provides support for new parents

Being a first-time parent is full of what-ifs, but with CalMed Hawaii, you don't have to do it alone. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson speaks to mom-to-be Margie Leong about why she feels less worried because of CalMed.

Sponsored by CalMed Hawaii

“We’re not experienced in this aspect of life, so we’re so fortunate to have all these resources at hand, especially at home,” said Leong.

Leong says that she wants to breastfeed her baby if possible, and working with CalMed nurse Jodie Dresel has helped her prepare for that possibility.

“CalMed’s website is super user friendly,” she said. “I needed more education on what type of breast pump would be best for my lifestyle, and that’s where Jodie stepped in.”

Dresel also helped Leong learn about latching and the other technicalities of breastfeeding.

“We feel prepared as much as we can, and we know that Jodie and her team, as well as other resources out there, will be our support because we’re first-time parents.”

Both Leong and Dresel encourage parents to reach out for support with any aspect of pregnancy.

“The hardest part for new parents is making that step to ask for help,” said Dresel. “If you go to the website you’ll find other resources for yourself.”

CalMed Hawaii offers prenatal and postnatal support to parents, including lactation and breastfeeding services.

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