CalMed Hawaii provides free services and education to expecting mothers

HI Now host Rachel Pacarro sits down with CalMed Hawaii to learn more about how they are helping mothers navigate parenthood!

Sponsored by CalMed Hawaii

CalMed Hawaii offers free classes, free prenatal consultations, and free breastfeeding support groups for new mothers! “We go over a lot of the common things that do come up during breastfeeding. So any latch issues, or red flags,” says Jodie Dresel, Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Their goal is to help new moms prepare for birth and breastfeeding.

Jennifer Comstock, a Tricare Beneficiary, says she wishes she took a class prior to giving birth. Jennifer’s daughter had a lip and tongue tie which caused breastfeeding to become a painful experience. This intern caused her daughter to start losing weight. Jodie recommended CalMed for Jennifer and she had a breast pump delivered to her within a day. Since then, she’s been receiving free replacement parts through Tricare. Jennifer strongly recommends getting support from CalMed for any mother planning to breastfeed their newborn.

CalMed has many free services that provide education on birth and breastfeeding. Jodie says most breastfeeding problems can be avoided if proper precautions are taken. If you are interested in participating in any of CalMed’s free services, please visit their website at