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Building FABMAC Homes in Hawaii: the process and the product

Steps in buying a FABMAC house and noteworthy features

Sponsored by FABMAC Homes

FABMAC Homes is a leader in providing affordable homes in Maui. Owner Francesca Carey started bringing factory-built houses to Hawaii as a cheaper building solution back in 2006. HI Now host Jobeth Devera was invited to experience the buying process and get a closer look at the quality products.

Steps in buying a FABMAC house:
– The prospective homeowner schedules an initial meeting with us to discuss the basics of the project.
– If they already own land, we schedule a site visit to make sure the site is accessible, and suitable for a FABMAC house. If they don’t own land, we put them in touch with a realtor.
– The homeowner chooses a floor plan and options.
– A detailed worksheet and site plan are created.
– The contract is signed, with a 20% deposit, and the house is ordered from the factory.
– 6-8 months later, we all celebrate!

Steps to construction process:
– The home is built at the Clayton Factory, in Perris, California.
– Construction usually takes 10-15 working days.
–  The home is then trucked in sections to the port of San Diego, where it is loaded onto PASHA’s fully enclosed, roll-on roll-off carrier, the Jean Anne. A week later it arrives in Kahului and is trucked to the site.
–  In the meantime, site preparation has taken place.
– Once the house is on-site, separate units are “married” and made weather-proof.
– Interior finish work, plumbing, electricity, foundation, decks, and garages.
– Takes 6-8 months from contract signing.

Noteworthy features of FABMAC houses:
– Energy Star Pak construction, reduces utilities costs
– Built to Wind Zone III standard (highest)
– Kiln-dried termite-treated lumber
– Built to federal HUD codes, which are more stringent than state and county building codes
– Galvanized steel and concrete foundation, hurricane and earthquake rated
– Energy Star appliances—Refrigerator, Range, Dishwasher, Disposal
– Central air system with forced air ducting (A/C ready)
– Many other customizable features
– 10-year limited warranty

For more information:
Facebook: @fabmachomeshawaii
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