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How to choose the perfect olive oil

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Olive oil goes with just about everything. Cook with it, fry with it, and even drizzle it! But most importantly? Dip bread straight into it. Island Olive Oil strives to bring the freshest, highest quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars to your home and kitchen. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is at its store in Kailua checking out the products it has to offer.

“Olive oil is so good for you! ” says co-owner Brian Foster. “It’s got a lot of healthy properties. It’s an anti-inflammatory, it’s got these good positive fats.” Foster is a certified sensory specialist for olive oils and is constantly studying up and following the reports from the different producers world-wide.

Island Olive Oil currently features over 50 oils and vinegars on tap to choose from for the simplest of home cooks to the most discerning chef. You’ll find white and dark balsamic vinegars along with specialty gourmet products from Italy. Island Olive Oil even has products made by local farmers.


Foster says olive oil is at its best when it’s at its freshest peak. He explains that high quality oils are good for 18-24 months from the time the olives are crushed, not when you open the bottle. When checking the quality of an olive oil, make sure it has a green, fresh, and sometimes grassy smell and taste.

“It should never taste like wax,” Foster says. Poor quality olive oil will smell and taste like wax, a crayon, or old nuts. Olive oil is at its worst when it has no flavor or taste at all.

The fresher olive oils have a higher level of antioxidants, called polyphenols, which is the anti-inflammatory property. The older the olive oil gets, the more rapidly the healthy attributes diminish.

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