Bring the best of Italy into your home with INspiration Interiors Natuzzi Collection

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Looking for the finest Italian furniture? Now you can bring the best of Italy right into your home at INspiration Interiors, the exclusive dealer of Natuzzi Italia and Natuzzi Editions, known around the world for its quality and design.

Natuzzi Italia offers high-end sofas complemented by a large selection of home furnishings, lamps and accessories. It’s sister collection, Natuzzi Editions, provides a wide range of comfortable living room solutions at the best value while maintaining its iconic Italian chic forms and elements.

Natuzzi has been working with leather in their own tanneries since 1959. They are one of the few companies to still own its tanneries and years of expertise have enabled them to select the best pelts and treat them with exclusive formulas to enhance both the quality and softness while keeping everything in compliance with international environmental regulations.

Natuzzi Editions is globally manufactured in one of their plants in Brazil, Romania, Shanghai and Italy and its furniture is 100 percent designed in Italy.

About INspiration Interiors
In 1997 INspiration Interiors opened its doors and welcomed in the start of “Home Fashion with an Attitude.” From the start, INspiration’s furniture selections strived to be “quality driven instead of price driven.”

Satisfied customers have cheered its approval making INspiration Interiors the fastest growing furniture store in Hawaii. After years of searching, creative planning and inspired dreaming, INspiration Interiors welcomed Hawaii to the multi-level, 80,000 square foot fashion forward Honolulu Design Center in 2006. More than being the flagship home for INspiration Interiors, the Honolulu Design Center is also home for the award winning, fine dining Stage Restaurant; the popular, wine tasting, music loving Amuse Wine Bar; the WiFi meeting, health casual lunch spot Stage Café; and creatively stimulating venue Cupola Events Theatre.

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