Bishop & Co. explains how “ghosting” a potential employer could impact your reputation

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Ghosting isn’t just a problem when it comes to dating, as it’s also an issue employers now face when it comes to filling a job position. While businesses have “ghosted” job seekers for many years, now the shoe is on the other foot!

“Ghosting” is defined as the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly, without explanation, withdrawing from all communication. A recent article in “USA Today” reports that 20 – 50 percent of job applicants and newly hired workers don’t show up for interviews and their first day on the job.

While this is happening all over the United States, it happens mostly in areas where jobs are plentiful, but the pool of available workers is low. High demand for workers and a low supply means that job seekers have all the leverage, making it difficult for employers.

Ghosting can happen because job seekers may be reluctant to call an organization and turn down an offer for fear of having to explain why they don’t want the job. On the other hand, some job seekers just can’t be bothered to make the call once they’ve secured another job. This is bad practice, especially in such a small community like Hawaii. Those who pull a “no call, no show” run the risk of getting a note in their file at jobs they’ve applied to.

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