Big City Diner grows from small business to local staple with help from Central Pacific Bank

Serving up local comfort food for over 20 years

Sponsored by Central Pacific Bank

Big City Diner has been a staple on Oahu for over 20 years. Since opening as a small business in Kaimuki in 1998, the restaurant has expanded to a total of six restaurants around Oahu. While it’s known for award-winning local, American comfort food with a twist, it all wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Central Pacific Bank, the restaurant’s partner since the beginning.

“Our food is like what grandma used to cook, only better,” says owner and president Lane Muraoka. “Sorry, grandma.”

Muraoka says the greatest joy of owning his own business is the relationships he’s built over the years with guests, employees and other staff members.

“We’ve seen employees meet in the restaurant, get married, have kids, and still work with us as well,” says Muraoka. “We’ve seen little kids grow up into adulthood, have babies and come straight from the hospital with their newborn child to show the staff.” It’s safe to say that Big City Diner has become a gathering place and a home away from home.

Big City Diner has been partners with Central Pacific Bank since the first restaurant opened in 1998.

“Central Pacific Bank was really focused on helping small businesses start and grow their business,” Muraoka says. “That relationship and that support that we had from day one was really important to us — that they would be there for us when we needed them.”

To others looking to start their own businesses, Muraoka says be prepared.

“Be prepared financially, do your homework, make the right connections, and have a great partner like Central Pacific Bank to help you along the way,” he says, adding that there’s no substitute for hard work. “When times are tough, you just gotta stick in there and grind. You’ve gotta have the perseverance to work through those times when it’s tough.”

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