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Behind the scenes at Kauai Shrimp: What makes it so good?

Sustainable farming practices on Kauai's west side ensures highest quality

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Kauai Shrimp is some of the best in the world and sustainably sourced on the Garden Isle’s west side. As Kauai Week continues, HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is checking out how the environment at the farm is helping operations thrive.

Mike Turner, Director of Sales and Marketing with Kauai Shrimp, says the area is a perfect environment for growing shrimp. The land used to be filled with sugarcane, but it went fallow after the closure of the plantations. Kauai Shrimp took over the property in the 90’s and built the shrimp farm.

Kauai Shrimp is on 258 acres, has 40 one-acre ponds along with eight half acre ponds and is the third largest shrimp company in the world. All the water it sources is salt water, and it’s all well-sourced straight down into the middle of the island.

“We produce about a million pounds of shrimp here a year,” says Turner. “70 percent of it stays here in Hawaii, and the rest we export to the mainland, Japan, and pretty soon we’ll have an order heading to Europe maybe by the end of next month.”

Turner says the main primary business of Kauai Shrimp is broodstock production. It sends live male and female shrimp to hatcheries all around the world. That means you could be eating Kauai Shrimp even though you’re in another country!

“So the golden shrimp that are raised in this environment go live. They mate them in hatcheries in India, Southeast Asia and China, and then they take their offspring and sell them to farmers,” Turner explains. “We breed them for disease resistance, we breed them for growth performance, and also for reproductive quality. All those traits are earmarked in where we find the shrimp that exhibit these traits. We mate them together and basically make these super shrimp.”

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