Beat the School Jam With Hawaii DOT

With schools reopening soon, traffic is set to get more severe. Make sure to keep your car well-maintained and leave work early so as to avoid the rush.

Sponsored by Hawaii State Department of Transportation

The Hawaii Department of Transportation is expecting to see traffic and road use similar to that of August 2019 this Fall. The University of Hawaii at Mānoa returns on August 23, and 50,000 students across the state will be on the road to get to class. This will likely result in commutes becoming longer by anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

“If you can, you may want to inquire with your boss or with your company whether you can do telework because we’ve found a lot of different positions now allow you to stay at home and work via your computer,” said Jai Cunningham, HI state DOT, Public Information Officer. “That may be a good option, and that keeps less people off the road.”

In addition to telework, Cunningham suggests looking into a more flexible schedule that allows you to arrive at and leave from work either earlier or later than rush hour. For example, if you can arrive at work an hour later and work an hour later, the DOT encourages you to do so in order to prevent traffic buildup.

Keeping your car maintained is another way to keep yourself from getting caught in traffic. Simple actions like making sure your tire pressure is normal ensure that you get where you need to go on time. If you do need help while on the road, Freeway Service Patrol is a free service that can help you tow your car to the nearest offroad and repair it if necessary.