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AZURE Restaurant chef whips up first course of new tasting menu for Kanoe to taste

AZURE Restaurant launches new monthly event, "Raising the Bar"

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There’s no better place for a romantic evening than AZURE Restaurant at The Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki. The beach-front restaurant offers world-class dishes highlighting local seafood. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is in the kitchen with Chef Shingo Katsura and Micah Suderman, director of restaurants and bar at The Royal Hawaiian to get a taste of what the restaurant has to offer.

On the menu is Chef Katsura’s Ahi Poke Toast, made with squid ink, pickled mango and crispy bonito. It’s the first course from his tasting menu being served in a limited amount at AZURE. The five-course menu tempts all the senses. From the visual presentation to the taste and smell, each dish is prepared with care. The menu is also paired with wine and champagne for a complete culinary experience.

Make your reservations for this special dinner by calling the restaurant at 931-7440 or the Dining Desk at 931-4600.

AZURE Restaurant is also just recently launched a new monthly event, “Raising the Bar.” The event, held every third Friday of the month from 8 – 9:30 p.m., transforms the typical wine dinner into an exciting and engaging experience. The evening also includes live music, beachfront views, and an opportunity to learn wine facts as the restaurant’s sommeliers educate you on how to pair different drinks with foods.

The event has been selling out fast, so be sure to call 931-7837 to book your tickets! Tickets are $65 per person or $60 for groups of four or more. The event on September 20 is themed Oktoberfest Beers and October 18 is Devious Drinks.

About Chef Shingo Katsura:
Katsura’s professional culinary career started at Madera, a Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant in Silicon Valley in 2010, where he worked as first cook until 2012. Katsura then joined the R&R Group in Los Gatos, California. He started as a sous chef and worked his way up to corporate executive chef for Cin Cin Wine Bar and Centonove Restaurant.

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