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ASB launches 12 new credit cards with special promotional offers

Banking can be a tedious process, but ASB is working to make the process easier for its customers. Join HI Now host Kainoa Carlson as he checks out their newest lineup of credit cards!

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Whether you’re a college student, business owner, or traveler, American Savings Bank has you covered with special promotional offers. After earning cash back rewards, you can cash them out and treat yourself to gift cards, redeem points for cash deposits into eligible banking accounts, or use them to pay down your next bill.

The Max Cash Rewards is the ultimate everyday card with no annual fees, 5% back on utilities and entertainment, and 2% back on gas and groceries. You also get a $150 bonus after spending your first $500. Card holders are given a 0% introductory interest rate for 12 months, making this the perfect card for any purchase.

Cards are also convenient, contactless, and easy to use. You can upload a card to your mobile wallet, allowing you to use your phone to pay instead of swiping or inserting it into the machine. Managing your balance with ASB has never been easier. Use their online platforms to quickly access your account. Applying for a card is simple too and can be accessed on computer and mobile platforms. If you already have an ASB credit card, you will automatically be upgraded in November.

Recently, ASB has opened four new digital centers, allowing members to perform cash deposits, withdraw from ATMs, and receive assistance from bankers. “We want to help all our customers that we can,” says Cliff Kaneshiro, Branch Manager at American Savings Bank.

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