Arcadia Family of Companies on COVID-19 and keeping residents, staff safe

Taking steps to keep residents and staff members healthy

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For many healthcare and life plan communities, the current pandemic is creating extensive hardship. That’s why HI Now host Kanoe Gibson spoke with Suzie Schulberg from Arcadia Family of Companies to see how it’s ensuring that residents are especially safe and calm during this time.

As a family of companies with two life plan communities, many changes have been made to the way its employees provide services. ¬†However, what has not changed is Arcadia’s love, dedication and commitment to those it serves. While Arcadia has always had active and involved residents, COVID-19 has them rising to the occasion even more. Many are helping to distribute meals, make masks, and run programs.

The Arcadia Family of Companies adopted universal face masking using reusable cotton face masks for all employees, which began on April 3. Given what is known about COVID-19, this approach will serve to protect residents and other staff members should the healthcare worker have pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID-19 infection or develop symptoms while at work.

Programs for residents are now different. Arcadia encourages FaceTime and Skype for communication between residents and family members or participating in get-togethers online. Residents and staff have also been doing a great job at actively practicing in social distancing. Currently, there are blue tape lines throughout both communities in elevators and in front of reception desks when folks come into the communities.

In light of national reports of COVID-19 rapidly spreading through nursing homes and senior living communities, staying home has become a very serious matter. The best way to protect yourself, and everyone else at Arcadia and 15 Craigside, is to stay on property. Each time you leave Arcadia or 15 Craigside and expose yourself to the outside community, you risk contracting the virus and bringing it back into the life plan community.

Arcadia has also partnered with Foodland for grocery delivery and assisted residents in setting up accounts to order their essentials from online companies.

Arcadia started a weekly newsletter, “Silver Linings,” that goes out to our employees, residents, clients, and members. This captures the good news happening in the family of companies to help lift resident spirits.

Although we are kept physically apart, President & CEO Suzie Schulberg says we are all united in the fight against COVID-19.

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