Arcadia At Home program helps members live independent, fulfilling lives

Sponsored by Arcadia Family of Companies

At Arcadia Family of Companies, one of its main goals is to make sure its kupuna maintain an independent lifestyle. With the Arcadia At Home program, seniors are able to continue living in their own homes while also enjoying the benefits of its life plan communities.

Marian Okada became an At Home member at age 63. Many may think that’s too young, but Okada says she wanted to plan ahead and enjoy her retirement years without having to worry about who was going to take care of her when she got older. The Arcadia At Home program not only guarantees access to healthcare like a skilled nursing bed should she ever need it, but also guarantees lifetime care.

For Okada, Arcadia At Home fits into her lifestyle perfectly because she is very independent and loves living in her own condo. She says the beauty of the program is having access to all healthcare benefits as Arcadia residents do, but being able to live on her own. However, in 5-7 years she plans to move into Arcadia, as she sees it as a transition program.

Okada receives in-home housekeeping and IT services. She also comes to Arcadia three or four times a week to participate in free group classes like Aqua & Fit, yoga, and fukiya, a Japanese sport involving blow darts. Although she does not live there yet, Okada is able to use all the services and programs that an Arcadia resident has access to and can also dine in the main dining room with friends.

Okada feels this membership program is good for those who want to stay in their home forever or want to eventually move into Arcadia. She says it puts residents in the driver seat, giving them the flexibility and providing them with the most options for how can live out the rest of their lives.

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