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Applying for a business loan is easy! Tips from American Savings Bank

Helping small businesses grow and become a success

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Each business is unique. From what you sell to the customers you serve, many characteristics differentiate a business from others in the market. One dream among all business owners is the dream of growing a business and making it a success. One of the ways American Savings Bank can help business owners reach this goal is with a business loan.

In order to succeed, all businesses need to grow, but sometimes growth requires financing. American Savings Bank’s business bankers can help you evaluate your options so that you are borrowing for the right reasons and not weighing your business down with debt. Whether you are looking for short term financing through a business line of credit or long term capital investment in adding a new piece of equipment or vehicle, expanding to a new location, or building your own office, American Savings Bank is here to help.

American Savings Bank understands that getting your business ready for financing is a feat on its own. Here are some key items to be aware of when prepping for financing with any financial institution:

– Establish strong personal and business credit profiles. One key thing to remember is that many financial institutions look at both your credit score and your business credit score.
– Build trade relationships with vendors and suppliers.
– Start small and fully understand your purpose of financing. This will help you to make sure that these additional dollars will help grow your business so that it doesn’t weigh you down.
– Evaluate business financial health and cash flow capacity.

You can find more resources from American Savings Bank at The business resource center has tips for starting your business, growing your business and managing your business. You can also schedule an appointment at any of its branches and meet with a business banker by going to

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